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STEVE OLDHAM - PRESIDENT. Dixie Plumbing is owned and operated by Steve Oldham, Sr.  Steve came to Jupiter in 1961 where he worked alongside his Father, Wilbur Oldham. Upon graduation from Jupiter High School Steve followed in his Father's footsteps by taking over Dixie Plumbing. Steve is credited with being the youngest person to achieve his Master Plumber License in the State of Florida.

Steve has worked in plumbing his entire life and continues to operate a successful plumbing business that has grown with Jupiter.


Email: info@dixieplumbinginc.com

TOM TAGGART - ESTIMATOR/PROJECT MANAGER. Tom Taggart started with Dixie Plumbing in 1992 and handles the majority of bidding for all new construction and remodel jobs performed by Dixie Plumbing. Tom has served Dixie Plumbing in a number of capacities, making his skills essential to its operation. From estimator, to purchase agent, to in-the-field job supervision, Tom has a well rounded background in plumbing.

Email: ttaggart@dixieplumbinginc.com

JESSE OLDHAM - ESTIMATOR/SERVICE MANAGER. Jesse Oldham started with Dixie Plumbing in 2013 and is working with Tom on completing estimates for new construction projects. After a few years in college Jesse started his plumbing career in the field. Now he applies his field experience in the office and has recently added the responsibility of managing the Service Department. Although Jesse is the youngest member of the staff he has recently achieved his Master Plumber certification and has quickly become valuable in servicing our new construction and residential clients.

Email: joldham@dixieplumbinginc.com

SARAH HERB- BOOKKEEPER. Sarah is the Bookkeeper and keeps the company running. She has a background in construction with extensive experience in bookkeeping and the nuances to construction business requirements and licensing. It is her skills that keep the i's dotted and the t's crossed. 

Email: info@dixieplumbinginc.com

DANA GERON - SERVICE COORDINATOR. Dana has the responsibility of assuring we service our residential customers plumbing needs quickly, efficiently and to your expectations. That translates into helpful and cheerful customer service that makes your call a priority. Often plumbing problems can be an emergency and Dana knows how and when to juggle a busy schedule and keep our Service Technicians responding throughout the day and week.

We employee experienced plumbers and administrative personnel who understand construction. Our management bring over 50 years experience to our business. That translates into service you can trust.